About Storey Homes

Founded in 1974, Storey Homes has been committed to providing family based care to children and youth in need of support and skills development.

Main Office

P.O. Box 2016, 25 Peter St. North, Orillia ON L3V 6R9
fax 705-259-5908

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(613) 797-7352


Our Programs

Storey Homes utilizes a strength based approach within a family based model of care to provide support and focus on skill development.

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Join our team of Care Providers and Residential Care Workers.

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Client Referrals

Storey Homes accepts referrals from Children’s Aid Societies throughout Ontario.

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We provide licenced programs throughout Central, Southern and Eastern Ontario.

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Success Stories

Living in my foster parents home was one of the best things that could have happened for me. I was welcomed into their family, and taken care of. I was able to heal from past experiences, and able to learn and grow as a person. My foster parents home was the best foster home I have ever stayed in. My foster mom taught me important life skills and lessons I needed before moving on my own. I felt like I was truly part of their family.


For living in the foster home for only 4 months I can honestly say that from the day I arrived, my foster parents have made me feel right at home. Because of the relationship I have built with them I continue to go back at least once a month and till this day they treat me like family. Living there I have also created the most wonderful relationship with all of their children and granddaughter which made living there a very good time. My foster parents also make sure it’s never boring as they have taken the family out to many places such as wonderland, the beach, and many dinners. They are also the most easy going people. Although there are rules, once you follow and respect these rules they are sure to go out of their way for you.  My foster parents have shown me nothing but love and though this was the first and only house I have lived at, I would have absolutely no problem going back there to live.


My experience in storey homes was rocky to start and when I start to grow I also started to love my foster parents I think that being in storey homes was made me the man I am today and I’m very thankful to all that have made who I am today and could ask for more and I believe that if I hadn’t had to people in my life that I had I would have ended up much worse then I was and up would have been a much different person that I am today and I wouldn’t have the family I have so my experience was the best I have had and am very grateful.


I was a teenager who was placed in Storey Homes. I was very hesitant at first, being in a completely new surrounding and family. The foster family I stayed with was kind, and taught me many things, but the best thing they did was treat me like family. In Storey’s I received excellent care, but most importantly my voice was always heard. My foster parents could always give me answers to what I needed or how to go about it, and they did it without hesitation. Being in other group homes and places where staff come in and it felt very clock in clock out. This was an amazing experience and as a 22 year old woman today I still have a strong connection to my foster family who’ve become my family. I even go on lame lunch dates with my foster parents supervisor!!


I didn’t realize that I was cared for when I was at Storey Homes – I left – and worked on my issues and then wanted to come back – I knew that Storey’s was a place for me that everyone cared and loved me and wanted the best for me…


Living in Storey Homes made me feel at home I was always a part of the family, with lots of laughter, love, and fun. Storey Homes is a safe and caring environment to live.


As a kid growing up, I always heard stories about how messed up foster homes could be. So it was no surprise that I thought that when I went into one, my story would be no different. However, my views of that changed when I went into a temporary (at the time) foster home with Storey Homes. Some of my fondest memories occurred while in care; and I can honestly say that it changed my life for the better. Without it, I wouldn’t have met the two people that have positively impacted me for half my life, my foster parents.


Oh, Storey Homes, what can I say about you? As I was a bit of a goodie-two-shoes, I had a great experience. I was with Storey Homes for 8 years and in that time I met some pretty great people, from supervisors, to other house parents, to some amazing support staff…the support staff were like extra house parents, they taught you skills, took you out places, and were just there for you. The members of Storey Homes were all very involved in helping us cope and grow into capable, independent members in society.